Editorial Shorts Digital Animation Competition


Washingtonpost.comが2005年11月1日に発表した、将来の編集漫画家として、社説で登場するデジタル風刺漫画アニメーターのコンペティションの名称。washingtonpost.comのためのオピニオン・エディターのHal Strausは、「印刷版にある社説の豊かな伝統を漫画化させるWashington Postは、とても意見に影響し、ニュースと政治のドラマとコメディをカバーしている。我々は、デジタル版washingtonpost.comに誰がデジタル時代のそれを補うかに興味があり、面白い試みと思っている」と話している。申し込み最終期限は2005年12月31日で、提出するのは3分以下のアニメーションで、ユーモア作家は現在の政治または時事的な問題について集中した解説で活気づけ、編集できるか、デジタル形式で配信できることが条件で、ユーモア、独創性、媒体の使用と時事的な関連に関して審査され、その結果は2006 年1月に発表される。詳細情報はURL(http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-adv/marketing/editorialshorts/index.html)で知ることができる。
これならFlashの技術があり、ユーモアが有れば英語が話せなくてもWashington Postで仕事ができる。米国のLOC(The Library of Congress/米国議会図書館)は2006年11月13日から米国の風刺画特別展「Cartoon America」を開催した。米国の往年の作家の作品を見ることができ、風刺も判らない余裕のない政治家は、失格といわれている。詳細情報はURL(http://www.loc.gov/exhibits/cartoonamerica/)で知ることができる。

[The Competition]
We're looking for artists, animators and humorists to submit short-form (3 minutes or less) animated
commentary focused on current political or topical issues. Entries must be designed, edited or distributed
in digital form.
Submissions must be humorous or insightful, innovative, visually distinctive and reflect the original work
of the individual or group making the submission.

[The Prize:]
The winner and select finalists will have their submission displayed in a special section of washingtonpost.
com featuring the winners.

[The Quick Rules:]
1. Deadline for entries is midnight December 31, 2005.
2. Entries will be judged based on Originality, Humor, Use of the Medium and Topical Relevance.
3. Don't use anyone's music, art or copyrighted material without written permission.

[How to Submit]
1. All submissions should be three (3) minutes or less in duration.
2. All entries are to be submitted on CD-ROM or DVD. Entries should be formatted in NTSC
Uncompressed QuickTime files.
3. Submissions may contain any variety of animated graphics including video, clip files, FLASH? stop action or other element(s).
4. Entries submitted on disc will not be returned to the entrant.

[Mail Entries to:]
Editorial Shorts Competition
c/o washingtonpost.com
1515 N. Courthouse Rd
Arlington VA 22201

[For full official rules.]

No purchase necessary to enter or win.
Term: November 1, 2005 - Dec 31, 2005. Contest is open only to legal residents of the U.S., who are 18 years of age or older at time of entry.
Conditions and restrictions apply.
Sponsor: Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive located at 1515 N. Courthouse Rd, Arlington VA, 22201. Odds of winning depend on number of eligible entries received.

From Tammany Hall, robber barons and the sinking of The Maine to Vietnam, Watergate and the Lewinsky scandal, editorial cartoonists have exalted, lambasted, praised and skewered the rich, the powerful and the foolish.

Since the history of newspapers, cartooning has been a rich and vital contribution to American political commentary.

With the advent of news on the web and new design technologies, who will carry on that tradition?

Washingtonpost.com is looking for the next star of cartoon satire - a ''Herblock'' for the digital age.

We're proud to announce the 2005 Washingtonpost.com ''Editorial Shorts'' Digital Animation Competition.

Can you use the emerging tools of digital animation to be the new voice of American satire?