Faces of Tomorrow


Computer Museum in Bostonが実施した「The Boston Cyberarts Festival」で、8歳から18歳の顔をテーマに未来を予感される出来事を集めたイベントのタイトル。詳細情報はURL(http://www.cyberfaces.org)で知ることができる。

[The Boston Cyberarts Festivalについて]
announces the launch of 'Faces of Tomorrow' a Web Site that is aimed at involving young people ages 8-18 in the worlds of art and technology. 'Faces' can be accessed at http://www.cyberfaces.org.
It is a web-based project that invites youth to submit self-images in the form of photos, digital images, drawings, and combinations of media. These images, which can be provided by kids anywhere in the world, are incorporated into a continually changing quilt of faces.

In addition to being available on the website, 'Faces of Tomorrow' will be on display during the Boston Cyberarts Festival May 1-15 on a video wall at CyberArtCentral, the Festival's headquarters, which will be located at the Computer Museum in Boston.

George Fifield, Director of the Boston Cyberarts Festival, discussed the rationale and unique features of the site.  'This project will be the first opportunity many kids have to put something onto the Web for others to see. It will reinforce the notion that the Web is not just a place to browse and gather information - it can be a place to create and communicate as well.' For more information about the Boston Cyberarts Festival, go to http://www.bostoncyberarts.org.

'Faces of Tomorrow' was developed by a working group of teachers, youth group leaders, and arts administrators. The site was designed and hosted by Imagicians Interactive, Inc., a full services Internet development agency. (http://www.imagicians.com). The site will continue to grow and accept submissions after the Boston Cyberarts Festival as well.

For questions about the project, contact Sarah Smiley, Program Coordinator VisionSpace, Inc. c/o Faces of Tomorrow
9 Myrtle Street
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

There is also an email list that you can subscribe to, which will keep you informed about participating. To subscribe to this list, send a message to majordomo@world.std.com
In the body of your message, put subscribe cyberfest-faces.
You will get a confirmation message telling you that you have subscribed.