2回にわたってMicrosoft社にシステムに侵入したDimitriの情報がnettimeで流された。Dimitriは2000年11月の第3週に、Microsoft社としては初めてアムステルダム空港の近くにあるMicrosoft社のオランダ支社で広報担当Michiel Gosens他3名の社員と会合を持ったことが明らかになった。nettimeは営利目的でない場合は転載自由ということであるから、ここに全文を掲載する。ただし、データベース管理上問題になる文字は近い文字に変換し、URLはリンクするように設定した。また、このドキュメントをどのように読むかは読者自身で判断して欲しい。

Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2000 00:15:40 -0500
From: Drazen Pantic (
Subject: (nettime) ms code or ms dogma
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Only a week after news about half a year long security problems with the Microsoft internal network, a giant was attacked again. Anonymous hacker Dimitri from Netherlands claimed to have penetrated MS Web servers. ''I could add Trojan horses to software that Microsoft customers download'' - Dimitri said. MS ''experts'' and independent security advisors confirmed that intrusion really did happen, and that one does not have to be a rocket scientist to get into MS network,

Almost in parallel, the Halloween letter of Bill Gates to MS staff was published in [2]. Apparently, the text on the, [3], is authentic. In his address to his employees, Gates sent lots of bitterness and critique towards Linux, and more importantly Open Source project and idea. Even if the email that was leaked on is not literally authentic word by word, it is clear that MS is not big time supporter of the Open Source, and that Gates could have written something like that.

So, moral of last two weeks is:

* MS will of course continue to stay far away from Open Source, and keep its CODE secret, in a dogmatic closed web of high tech priests;

* many not_necessarily_rocket_scientists will continue to attack, and some of them manage to get into MS servers and even internal network - eventually changing material on the ftp servers or even code of the future products;

* no one will be sure that malfunction or strange behavior of any future MS system is a consequence of the hardware or software error or deliberately implanted virus from some Dimitri.

Rigid orientation towards code_as_a_dogma approach of MS implies that the company does not care about an incredibly important aspect in relation with its costumers: transparency. The ghost of doubt is out: no one outside of MS is able to check the consequences and the source of possible instabilities of WinOS, while MS engineers are not capable to cope with complexities of the system they were hiding from possible competition...and everybody else.

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