P3 Project Overview

Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3) Project Overview

Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3) Project Overview

What is new, where are related resources, etc.

This document is a time-changing overview of resources about privacy,
preference expression and the collection of Web usage data on the Web.

Also, see our W3C Privacy Activity page.


●97/6/26: Kickoff meeting [Members Only] for the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3) Project
●97/6/11: W3C presents a demonstration of a P3 prototype before the FTC.
●97/6/2: Netscape has submitted a proposed Open Profiling Standard to address the storing and transmission of profile data. Microsoft has submitted a description (Privacy and Profiling on the Web) of a way to use several existing protocols to improve Web privacy.
●97/5/23: W3C announces the approval of the P3 Project! Please see the executive summary Briefing Package for more information.


January 29-30, 1996. Workshop on Internet Survey Methodology and Web Demographics at MIT. Call for Papers Proceedings

[Technical Proposals]

'Proposals for Gathering Consumer Demographics', Dan Connolly, W3C. Discusses 3 proposals and the issues addressed.
'Proposed HTTP State-Info (Session-ID) Mechanism' - Dave Kristol, AT&T
More proposals for gathering consumer demographics, TimBL

[Problem Statements and Papers]

Direct Marketing on the Internet, G Kazarian, A Leuthold, S Olivares
Roger Clarke's Privacy Resources (Australian)
Numerical Literacy on the World-Wide Web, Jim Conaghan, NAA. Many pointers.
Web Stats discussion group at Advertising Age.
EFF DRAFT Public Internet Principles for Online Filtration, Ratings and Labeling Systems

[Current Status Report]

The Web demographic and marketing field is extremely dynamic. We provide a selection of some of the key roles, and instances of those roles, in this domain.

[Web Marketing and Demographics]

This was announced very recently intervention. It c|net noted the 'stealth' ability to track users without marks runs as a Netscape server extension that rewrites URLs like other products. Essentially sessions (combination of user-agent and ip addr); recall. can bind session-ids to uids for permanent Presumably GC's bookmarked session IDs.

I/PRO was one of the first movers. It has partnered with Nielsen Media Research. They separate counting, demographics, and auditing. Users can go to I/PRO to get an I/CODE that their software can pick up later.

Internet Audit Bureau gives you an account, and tells you to put a gif on your home page. Each gif access is tallied at the home office (much like latex2html...)

Their 'Real Accountability' brand goes online Oct. 30 (1996). They use SSL to accept encrypted logs for analysis at their site.

They have partnered with ABC to audit statistics, apparently by log auditing (See WebStat & FAQ). They have a comprehensive newsletter, WebTrack's InterAd Monthly.

They are a Web-centric marketing and communication consultancy with log analysis tools. It includes the Inters Internet database of domain names indexed by zip, etc.

Streams Online Media Development
Lilypad is their 'Internet Media Planning and Assessment Tool'. Analyzes Referer fields. Rental model: $695/month for analysis.

NPD Group, Inc.
Syndicated and custom research for many commercial and consumer industries, including PC-Meter, which provides audience measurement of web sites and on-line services with hardware monitoring.

[Ratings Firms]

Nielsen Media Research / Nielsen Marketing Research
Arbitron (TV)
SoundScan (retail music)
ASCAP/BMI (music royalties)


CASIE (Coalition for Advertiser Supported Information and Entertainment) CASIE Guiding Principles of Interactive Media Audience Measurement& Summary
NAA for newspapers (Newspaper Association of America)
MPA for magazines (Magazine Publishers Association) MPA Proposed Standards for Internet Advertising Measurement
ARF for advertisers (Advertising Research Foundation)
ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations)
AAAA (American Association of Advertising Agencies)
AMA (The American Marketing Association)
Ad Council

[Privacy Players]

CDT, Center for Democratic Technology, IPWG
EPIC, Electronic Privacy Information Center, (International Privacy Standards)
EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation, (eTrust w/ CommerceNet)
VTW, Voters Telecommunications Watch

['Privacy Companies']
Internet Junkbuster | Pretty Good Privacy
[Agent Technologies]
Firefly | Agents Technologies Corp.
Agents, Inc. | Artis Corporation
Autonomy Corporation | WebSprite
Kinetoscope, Inc. | LifestyleFinder Agent
MobileWare Corporation | Surflogic, Inc.
Intelligent Agents for Electronic Commerce

[Search Engines]

Alta Vista | Hotbot
Lycos | Excite
InfoSeek | Yahoo
WEB Crawler | CUI 3#

[Media Attention]

1. Political Statements (Clinton on ethics of tracking)
2. Market Battles among Products/Services
3. CommerceNet Marketing Working Group. They have released an Internet survey done with Nielsen.
4. NAA/CASIE summits (Oct 11, and Nov 14)
5. Demographics Article in PCWeek
6. PCWeek guide to demographic studies
7. PBS Frontline documentary on interactive ads & privacy

[Relevant W3C Work]

Privacy work intersects with several W3C activity areas.

Use PICS for describing the privacy practices of a site.

PEP (HTTP/1.2 Protocol Extension Protocol) handling can smoothly deployrating extensions, and proxy-reporting extensions.

Joseph Reagle
Created October 1995 Last updated 4 June 1997