SDMI Open Public Challengeの賞金

著作権保護技術を破った人に対して懸賞金を出すレースSDMI Open Public Challengeは、EFFはSDMI Open Public Challengeボイコット声明を2000年9月18日に公開したたが、コンテスト後の2000年10月11日にSDMI(Secure Digital Music Initiative/安全なデジタル音楽計画)は、447件の潜在的突破口の指摘があったことを発表し、2000年10月12日にはSalon.comがURL(で6つの全てが破られたことを発表した。その時点では、SDMI側ではそれを調査中であったが、プリンストン大学、ライス大学、Xeroxパロアルト研究所の研究者ら9名により、2000年10月23日にSDMIが採用検討を進めている6種類の内4種類の音楽ファイル保護技術が破られたとZDNetが報道し、決着が付いた。詳細情報はURL(で知ることができる。2000年11月8日にSDMIは5つのうち、3つはハッカーによる攻撃を逃れたという結果報告を発表し、2000年11月28日に、保護技術を破った2人に賞金の1万ドルを2分して進呈することを発表した。ハッカーがRIAA(米国レコード産業協会/The Recording Industry Association of America)を中心に開発したSDMIに勝ったことになる。SDMIあが破られなければ派手なリリースで発表されたであろうが、憎しみさえ感じるグレーのリリースに寂しさを感じる。

For Immediate Release


-- two receive a total of $10,000 as a result of public invitation --

November 28, 2000, Washington DC - The Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) announced today that it is contacting successful challengers about the compensation they will receive for participation in the HackSDMI public invitation. On September 16, SDMI had invited members of the public to try to attack technologies it is considering for digital music protection.

Two people will receive $5,000 each. The two challengers emerged from a field of 447 submissions as the only ones able to remove the protection systems.
They successfully disabled one of the five technologies currently under consideration for SDMI screening technology.

''We thank everyone who participated, and congratulate the successful challengers,'' said Leonardo Chiariglione, executive director of SDMI. ''We learned from each submission - successful or not - and the public invitation has given us valuable information about how the technologies might work in the real world.''

SDMI will allow the proponent whose technology was hacked to evaluate the breaches in the security system and propose modifications or other changes to address these issues. No technology has yet been removed from consideration based on the HackSDMI test results. In the meantime, SDMI continues
its evaluation of professional tests on the technologies, which are assessing features such as audio quality, efficiency, robustness and security.

About SDMI

SDMI is a forum of about 200 companies whose goal is to develop a voluntary, open framework for playing, storing, and distributing digital music in a protected form. SDMI participants include music content, consumer electronics, information technology, and wireless telecommunication companies. SDMI's work is based on the core principles that copyrights should be respected, but that those who wish to use unprotected formats should be able to do so. The specification developed by SDMI will answer consumer demand for convenient accessibility to quality digital music, enable copyright protection for artists' work, and therefore enable technology and music companies to build successful businesses. Additional information about SDMI can be found at

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