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Streaming Mediaとお金

******Show Me the Money******

Phil Wilson, MJ Rauch, The Auto Channel Marc Lewis, Web Marketing Ltd David Chester, HotelView Corp.

'Ownership of customers (Marketshare) is the ingredient for success'

The basic strategy:
1) develop your content
2) distribute your URL

This session was surpassingly lightweight but some interesting facts were highlighted.

report that the most commonly searched keyword on the net is MP3, replacing 'sex' for the first time as the most frequently searched word.

MP3 : 16149 requests out of 30 million
Sex : 13431 requests

Another model for ensuring that site traffic is increased is to form alliances with 'portal' sites. The phenomenal increase in streaming media content on the web has inevitably lead to some of the most successful recent commercial enterprises are now streaming media 'portals'.

An interesting discussion topic was the rise of video banner advertising on websites. One claim by Marc Lewis is that PC consumption time is now surpassing television consumption in the United States. Hence web advertising is becoming vastly more sophisticated. Video banners are the latest development in online advertising. The advantages of video banner advertising over television advertising are:
1) video banners are cheaper to produce than television commercials
2) click information is recorded and complied for later use
3) more individual-specific data is accumulating and hence tight targeting of markets is becoming more effective
4) video banners can be deployed, altered, and removed extremely quickly
5) it is possible to make several video banners for advertising the same product depending on the characteristics of each target market
6) it is possible to accumulate histories of individual users and display user-specific 'customised' or value-added advertising